Lantic Entertainment Systems

Where simplicity meets sophistication!

Lantic Systems

Lantic Entertainment Systems is a leader in the development and supply of integrated entertainment systems for luxury yachts. Our research centre in Denmark is a constant source of innovation in areas such as the storage and streaming of high definition content and iPod integration.

A Lantic entertainment system gives the yacht owner the freedom to combine the power and capacity of a central media storage and processing system with the screens, hi-fi components and consoles that match his own personal requirements.

Each cabin, communal area or external deck can be custom-fitted to its own unique audio-visual specification, while at the same time retaining full access to a central library of music and movies as well as satellite and terrestrial broadcasting.  State of the art software gives even first-time users easy, intuitive control not only of a wide spectrum of entertainment options but also of a range of additional services.  Internet, local climate control, CCTV, ship’s data and more can all be viewed and controlled on-screen using either an iPad or smartphone, or using Lantic’s own iconic remote control.

Infinitely adaptable, Lantic systems combine simplicity with sophistication and help ensure that time spent onboard your yacht is enjoyable, wherever you may be.

Our systems enable guests and crew in individual cabins, suites and communal areas onboard a yacht to be able to access the music, movies, satellite TV, internet and other services that they want, in real time using a simple remote control and on-screen m4m solution capable of serving up to one hundred separate zones on board a single vessel.

Music and movies are stored on an onboard central server in digital form. A typical Lantic server can store many hundreds of movies in conventional and high-definition formats and tens of thousands of music tracks. New content can be added at any time.

Lantic provides a top quality service and support network, combining a sophisticated online diagnostic system accessible from anywhere in the world with the full back up of its worldwide network of distributors such as MEC in Croatia.

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