Lavie system

LAVIE Systems is a Dutch company with years of experience delevering easy to use full service entertainment systems for super yachts. LAVIE Systems offers the most advanced solution in the industry. Years of experience in building systems for yachts differing in size from 30 to 85 meter has resulted in an integrated system that is guaranteed to deliver your favorite media content anywhere and anytime. Everything is controlled by a carefully designed app for iPhone or iPad that enables guests to not only play their preferred entertainment but also controlling the entire on board environment.



LAVIE Systems is a full service  solution for all your individual entertainment needs. A unique system that separates itself from the competition in usability, durability and affordability. There is no substitute available on the market. Everything LAVIE Systems does is aimed at delivering the greatest possible entertainment experience on board of your yacht. Every solution is tailor made to suit your individual needs. We only use equipment from the best brands in consumer electronics, like Bang & Olufsen, Lingdorf & Steinway, Philips,  Samsung and Sonance. Usability is key. Everything can be controlled from specially designed app for iPhone and iPad to make sure the ultimate entertainment experience is delivered in the easiest possible way. Most new developments only require an easy software update to be ready again without the need for new investments in hardware. LAVIE Systems always puts the customer first.



 Music is an important part of life, but not everyone shares the same taste. The full  service entertainment solution by LAVIE Systems offers everyone on board the opportunity to play their own music anywhere and anytime. Their single and space saving system offers ultimate individuality to all your passengers.

LAVIE Systems provides you with the highest possible quality in audio for your yacht. Indoors and outdoors, tailor made for your personal situation. They create the perfect sound wether for a big party or an intimate get together. Have the same music on the entire yacht or different sounds in every room, LAVIE Entertainment not only enables it, but makes sure it is as easy to use as possible.

By cooperating with some of the greatest brands in the world we guarantee the best possible experience. LAVIE Entertainment partners with speaker brands like Bang & Olufsen, Lingdorf & Steinway and Sonance, all brands of the highest caliber. Make your own play list or play music at random, the audio quality will be perfect. And the big advantage of using a full service system like LAVIE Systems: It is easy to match the lighting to your music. The perfect solution.



Whether you want to watch a movie or TV show, LAVIE Systems offers the perfect solution to satisfy everyone on board. Anywhere on board the database with content can be approached and played.  No more difficult choices requiring a lot of technical knowledge. LAVIE Systems offers the perfect solution for those that want to watch the entertainment  of their choice anywhere and anytime with ultimate freedom and usability. Beamers, ultimate cinema experience, full hd, 4K picture quality, 3D.

Independent, they work with the brands you enjoy like Bang & Olufsen, Philips,  Samsung , LG. LAVIE Systems offers an unmatched standard in visual entertainment. Tailor made solutions for your individual needs. Using the brands that you enjoy the most, we make sure everyone on board can enjoy movies, tv-shows and satellite television wherever and whenever they are. All operated with the special app they developed for iPhone and iPad. The latest technology can be integrated in your entertainment system. Their system allows you to place your screens everywhere and we make sure you can easily move them up and down. Spoil your eyes with their solutions for all your audiovisual needs.



Not being online is unthinkable nowadays. Social media, streaming content and instant access to search engines require the non stop availability of high speed internet. LAVIE Systems ensures easy online access wherever you are on board without complicated procedures. LAVIE Systems offers unmatched facilities for the use of internet on board your yacht.

Systems that allow easy connection of mobiles, tablets, laptops and other internet ready devices. Their systems are ready for the next wave of technological developments and are future proof. LAVIE Systems uses the latest generation of blanked WI-FI routers that guarantee great internet coverage throughout the yacht. Tailor made to your individual needs it is possible to integrate a wireless phone systems. And most important of all, everything is easy to use. No need for big manuals or long explanations. Online connectivity without problems.



LAVIE Systems not only helps you watch or listen to the  entertainment of your choice anytime and anywhere on board, but also enables you to control the mood in the cabins. At the touch of a button on easy to use specially designed app for iPhone and iPad you can change the lighting to adapt to your moods and needs. Personalize your environment with the full service solutions LAVIE Systems offers your.

For ligthing sollutions Lavie works with Rogier van der Heide. Rogier has an working history for many years and is the number 1 in the world regarding any ligthing sollution. Being a recipient of over 50 international design awards, Rogier's work is widely recognized as leading in the field of artful lighting for yachts, architecture, entertainment and even the public space. Working with Rogier means that technology, design and user friendliness come together in a single, holistic solution. And being a qualified captain himself, Rogier understands the yachting environment like no other lighting designer!