Med Mobile Data Roaming in 40 countries with one SIM.

Mobile Data Roaming in 40 countries with one SIM! As the European summer yachting season fast approaching, Marine Electronics Croatia is delighted to be able to offer a great new mobile data service with just one SIM and no mobile data roaming in 40 countries!

Transatlantic VSAT service with 60cm antenna!

MEC introducing new VSAT service “Mediterranean to Caribbean - 60 VSAT”

Next generation of Intellian Ka-Band maritime stabilized antennas

Marine Electronics Croatia is pleased to announce that Intellian released new generation v100Ka and v60Ka, Ka-band communication systems approved for use on Telenor’s THOR 7 satellite.

SAILOR 60 GX and SAILOR 600 VSAT for yachts and other small vessels.

Next generation SAILOR VSAT technology enables high-speed broadband on yachts and other small vessels.

Intellian Fiber Link Solution for v130G

MEC is pleased to announce that Intellian release the Fiber Link solution for the v130G.  

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SeaTel Loyalty Program - Get up to $2,000 rebate when upgrading your current satellite TV system + FREE installation!

Install of Sailor 800 VSAT and SeaTel 80TV on yacht in Sibenik, Croatia

Recent install of Sailor 800 VSAT and SeaTel 80TV antanna system on yacht in Sibenik, Croatia.        

Install of Sailor 900 and SeaTel 100TV antanna system on yacht in Pula, Croatia.

Recent replacement of Navisystem antennas with latest Sailor 900 VSAT and SeaTel 100TV antanna system on Custom Line Ferretti (102 ft) yacht in Pula, Croatia. On this installation upgrade project, the client's request was to supply a fast and reliable Internet connection and satellite television. To achieve the fastest and most reliable data and VoIP connectivity, Cobham Sailor 900 terminals in combination with a 4G Yacht Router were installed. New integrated data control solution provides simple “One click” Internet source selection from VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium, 4G, or Hotspots allowing the captain to control Internet sharing for the owner, guests, and crew via two separate Wi-Fi networks. VSAT connectivity on Ku-band provide download speed up to 15Mbps, and are both upgradable to HTS Ka-band for near future download speeds up to 50Mpbs. A 4G Yacht Router provides also high speed internet from terrestrial GSM mobile networks and connectivity to Hotspots, to take advantage of shore internet connection when located in the marinas, harbors or anchored close to the shore. To achieve the most reliable satellite television, the newest Cobham SeaTel 100TV antennas were installed. Latest SeaTel TV antenna systems provide reliable reception globaly of satellite television and radio for enhanced onboard entertainment. “MEC SatCom technology increases operation efficiencies, lower operating costs, and provides remote IT management for all business, leisure, and crew welfare needs.”    

New maritime satellite TV Systems available from Sea Tel!

Sea Tel has launched their new range of maritime satellite TV systems at SMM, which will be available from MEC mid-October onwards. Developed from the ground up, the new generation of Sea Tel Satellite TV is designed to provide reliable, high quality entertainment for crew and passengers globally. The Sea Tel 80 TV, Sea Tel 100 TV and Sea Tel 120 TV are advanced 3-axis Ku-band antennas all featuring an innovative programmable worldwide LNB and multi polarization, making them truly global. New electronics based on the tried and tested IMA (Integrated Marine Electronics) platform ensure straightforward installation, setup and daily operation. For vessels operating in US waters, Cobham SATCOM offers the Sea Tel 100 TVHD and Sea Tel 120 TVHD. These 3-axis Ku/Ka dual band antennas which are capable of receiving Ku- and Ka-band signals from three satellites simultaneously, giving full access to DIRECTV HD programming in the US. “These new antennas have been developed from scratch in our Concord facility, drawing on many years of experience from Sea Tel and SAILOR VSAT and Satellite TV antenna development,” comments Mads Ebbesen, Product Line Manager, TV Solutions, Cobham SATCOM. “With global reception including HD also in the US, unmatched RF performance, easy installation and maintenance, and simple operation, the new generation of Sea Tel Satellite TV provide the platform for shipowners and operators to deliver the best television experience on board.” All new Sea Tel Satellite TV antennas are designed, built and tested for reliable operation in the harsh maritime environment to provide high quality entertainment for crew and passengers globally. Contact MEC Sales here for further information on prices and availability as limited stock is available for delivery in 2014.  

Fibre Optic IF Cabling Solution for Sea Tel antennas

Fibre Optic IF Cabling Solution for Sea Tel antennas. The complete fibre kits are designed to improve installation possibilities by replacing the standard multiple coax cables from the below deck equipment (BDE) to the above deck equipment (ADE – the antenna), with a single, ultra-low IF loss fibre optic cable. Sea Tel Senior Product Manager Darren Manning explains: “Running multiple coax cables over significant distances on large vessels can be very problematic in terms of the initial installation, maintenance and antenna performance, which may impact on quality and availability of the voice calling and data connectivity on board.” Sea Tel Fibre Solutions Kits are available for the Sea Tel 4012GX, XX12, XX09G2/XX10 and 97XX antenna systems. Each kit contains a simple 1U rack mountable BDE interface, which receives the coax cables and is linked by fibre cable of any length to an ADE interface that is typically installed in the radome base (no modifications or additions to the equipment frame are needed). All necessary interface cabling is included making the kits ideal for existing and new installations. Status LEDs on the front panel of the BDE enclosure and on the top of the ADE interface box provide visual status of the fibre optic link, enabling engineers to make a quick diagnosis on the health of the connection between the BDE and ADE should an issue with the vessel’s communication service arise. “Using a single fibre optic cable is a much smarter, more efficient solution than running multiple cables over very long distances, which can be a huge challenge when developing communication networks for large ships, offshore vessels and platforms,” adds Darren. For more information and order please contact MEC sales here.  

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Separating Fact from Fiction: HTS Ka- and Ku-Band for Mission Critical SATCOM

By Ben Pawling, Harris CapRock and Keith Olds, Harris Government Communications August 14, 2013.     Whether for enterprise, commercial, government or maritime services, customers who operate in remote and harsh environments use satellite services for time-sensitive, mission critical communications. Whether communicating back to headquarter offices or providing morale services to staff and crew members, it is vital that these customers that operate in remote and harsh landscapes have access to high availability, reliable communications links.   High throughput satellite (HTS) technologies with unprecedented bandwidth and power resources are being viewed as “the wave of the future” for satellite communications and networking services. Despite this tremendous potential, there is a great deal of misperception and lack of understanding about these new technologies among both customers and the industry at large. With different options, how do you pick the best one for your company’s needs? To donwload complete article please click here.

New Epak DSi9 Ka VSAT antenna system for Ka-band.

World‘s first available maritime VSAT antenna system operating in Ka-band. Benefit of EPAK‘s KA-band solution: • Up to 10 Mbit/s download speed @ 8ct/MByte • Up to 1 Mbit/s upload speed @ 8ct/MByte • Significantly higher throughput at lower monthly rates than Ku-band services • More affordable hardware solution • Highest pointing accuracy due to EPAK‘s patented EBF- Gyro • Spot beam technology for improved performance of shared access airtime plans   Product data sheet with specification is available HERE. For more details about Epak DSi9 Ka VSAT antenna system and airtime please contact MEC Sales HERE.   EPAK DSi9 VSA antenna system for Ka-band.                             Coverage map for Ka-band services with Epak DSi9 VSAT antenna system.

New Ku-band antenna system Sea Tel 3612 with IMA software.

Sea Tel 3612 is a 3-Axis, marine stabilized antenna system compatible with most Ku-band satellites. The revolutionary architecture of this 0.9 meter system is based on Sea Tel’s industry leading XX09 marine stabilized antenna system. The 3612 is the industry’s first 0.9m Ku-band only system powered by integrated marine antenna (IMA) software, supplied in a frequency tuned 1.27m (50") radome. Featuring an integrated control unit (ICU) that offers a single box electronic control solution to maintain the best and most efficient pointing accuracy in the maritime market. With its extended, web-based, secured user interface, and built-in remote management capabilities it offers integration into network management systems through its Media Xchange Point (MXP), first seen on the 4012 system. The intuitive web user interface accessible from practically any internet-enabled device including mobile devices, with secured socket layer (SSL) password protection, built-in remote management capabilities, multi-level data analysis capability and easy integration into network management systems through its Media Xchange Point (MXP), make IMA software enabled Sea Tel 3612 ready to face the communications needs of the maritime market in the 21st century. Sea Tel 3612 is easy to install and designed to meet some of the toughest shock and vibration specifications, such as IEC 60721, IEC 60945 and MIL STD 167-1. Click HERE to view product data. For more information and orders please contact MEC Sales HERE.

MEC has been awarded the contract for a complete SatCom turnkey solution for a passenger vessel

News Release                                                   12. November 2012.             Marine Electronics Croatia, a long time distributor of Cobham’s SeaTel satellite antenna systems will supply, install and commission a large VSAT and TVRO antenna system for passenger vessel currently in refit at a Croatian shipyard. To fulfill a request for global coverage MEC will provide a SeaTel 2.4m C‐band communications antenna system that allows access to voice (VOIP) and Internet connectivity through VSAT airtime provider, Marlink. As always, MEC is committed to incorporating high performing Sea Tel marine stabilized VSAT antennas designed for broadband connectivity. For global satellite TV requirements, MEC will provide a newest SeaTel ST94 2.4m antenna system, capable of simultaneous reception on both C & Ku band. A new advanced digital COFDM TV distribution system incorporating smart LED TVs will also be provided to each cabin and public places for enhanced passenger and crew entertainment. Our packages offer the lowest total cost of ownership and are a great fit on any maritime vessel operating in practically any environment. Whether an oil platform, freighter, cruise ship, luxury yacht or a high speed military vessel MEC can fulfill your needs.                               This project is successfully completed end of March 2013. and photo album with installation details are available at this link.   About MEC Marine Electronics Croatia (MEC) operating since 1995 and is a leading regional distributor specializing in design, delivery and support of advanced satellite communication and entertainment solutions for luxury yachts and commercial vessels. Our commitment to provide the highest level of service begins from your initial inquiry to our system design, delivery, integration and dedicated after‐sales support. Implementing creative ideas with the latest technologies, whether a luxury yacht, ocean going ship or cruise liner, the MEC sales team will evaluate your requirements and offer a complete turnkey solution that meets your budget. Our support team is perfect blend of experienced and talented marine electronic technicians available to provide onsite services support and to assist with any support issues you may experience throughout the lifespan of your equipment.  Whatever your business, we have a solution for your satellite communication & entertainment needs at sea delivering globally the premium VSAT high speed data with value added services, voice, weather, TV and music anywhere you GO! For more information, go to:   About Cobham SATCOM, Sea Tel Products Sea Tel, founded in 1978, now part of Cobham SATCOM, is one of the world's leading ranges of marine stabilized antenna systems for satellite communications and satellite television at sea. Cobham SATCOM has 33 years of marine experience and is dedicated to constant improvement through innovation and design enhancement. The antennas range from 14 inches to 14 feet. There are more than 30,000 Sea‐Tel marine stabilized antennas on various types of boats from pleasure yachts to cruise ships to naval vessels.  Each vessel is fitted with the right antenna system for their applications. Cobham SATCOM is a leader in mobile satellite communications technology and interoperability solutions for commercial and governmental mobile broadband satellite communications. The core expertise of the business is in automated satellite acquisition and tracking equipment, antennas and communications services for military and government agencies such as homeland security and law enforcement. Commercial groups such as oil and gas companies, news organizations, construction companies and medical organizations also benefit from Cobham SATCOM’s tele‐medicine, interactive distance learning and broadband internet access for applications such as video conferencing, radio over satellite over IP, voice over satellite and over IP. For more information, go: to

Is your antenna system ready for Olympics & Euro 2012?

The London Olympics & Euro 2012 is approaching rapidly! Are you ready?

Yacht Router

Yacht Router is advanced internet access controller for satellite (VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium, etc.), 3G and WIFI communications for luxury yachts and merchant ships. Its simple and user friendly interface makes switching and managing connections extremely quick and easy without special computer or network educations.

Market report for Maritime VSAT

VSAT: Present and Future. A comprehensive survey of maritime VSAT by STARK MOORE MACMILLAN in association with iDirect.

Special Offer! Free satellite internet service until 1st May 2012.

Special Offer by MEC! Free satellite internet service until 1st May 2012.

Sea Tel Dual Antenna Arbitrator for VSAT Systems

MEC Introducing new Sea Tel Dual Antenna Arbitrator for VSAT Systems. The Sea Tel Arbitrator is capable of automatic switching between two VSAT antenna systems when one has encountered blockage, sudden loss of AGC, or power failure. This new Arbitrator incorporates features such as GPS pass-through, out-of-band management support, OpenAmip and ABS protocol, and TCP/IP switching. It utilizes a smart Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy communication and viewing of current system status. For more technical details please click here.