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Next generation of Intellian Ka-Band maritime stabilized antennas

Marine Electronics Croatia is pleased to announce that Intellian released new generation v100Ka and v60Ka, Ka-band communication systems approved for use on Telenor’s THOR 7 satellite.

Thor 7 is a new High Throughput Satellite (HTS) operating in Ka-band, which will provide an aggregate of over 6Gbps of throughput via 25 simultaneously active spot beams. This new satellite offers coverage of Northern Europe, and the Mediterranean, as well as extending further into the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf. Telenor expects that commercial service will commence in November, 2015.

The v100Ka and v60Ka leverage Intellian’s existing hardware platforms, leading to higher performance, enhanced production efficiency, and spare parts commonalty. This combination makes it simple and easy to deploy the v100Ka and v60Ka without complex retraining of field and NOC staff. The Below Deck Unit, a stand-alone ACU, pre-configured for the iDirect Evolution X7 modem for use on the THOR 7 network. The ACU features an easy to read display, keypad and integrated AC power option in a 1U form factor, simplifying the below decks installation.

Key Features

• From in Port to Online in No Time-Packaging, pre-slung lifting straps, automatic axis calibration, automatic cable calibration, an intuitive front panel screen on the ACU, and Aptus reduce the installation time incredibly.

• Excellent RF Performance-Both the v100Ka and the v60Ka have been tested and proven to provide maximum RF performance on THOR7, allowing the remote user to benefit from the highest Modulation Schemes (MODCODs) offered on the network.

• Robust Remote Support Capability-Users benefit from a secure and robust SSL connection that enables a host of features, including remote firmware upgrading, log file retrieval & analysis, and instant fault finding capability.

• Built-in Spectrum Analyzer–Intellian’sv100Ka and v60Ka include an embedded spectrum analyzer that allows the user or service provider to view the satellite signal at the remote site from onboard, or remotely via Aptus,  Aptus Web, or even from a mobile phone using the Aptus Mobile app.

• Intellian LAN-Enables integrated monitoring & control of all the Intellian networked devices such as TVRO and Fleet Broadband products from a single sign-on. Easily and simply support all Intellian devices out of the box to bring the ultimate in service reliability.

• Industry-Leading Standards Compliance–Intellian’s v100Ka and v60Ka are designed to meet the highest industrial standards such as EN60945, EN60950, EN60721, R&TTE, DNV 2.4 Class C ,and MIL-STD 167-A.

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