Marine Electronics Croatia


MEC has been providing GSM voice and data services to yachts since 2005 and has become the regional leader in this important yacht communications field.




This combination of experience and volume gives our GSM and 3G customers certain advantages that are just not available from the service provider direct.

Both in terms of saving cost, maximising performance and quality support, the MEC service stands out for the following reasons:

  • Post pay Contracts for Spain, France, Italy and Croatia specifically designed for the yachting industry.
  • We provide normal Contracts. You don't need to make a call and then wait to be called back.
  • Simple sign up: a credit card, signature and deposit are all that is required. Payment by bank transfer is also offered for management companies.
  • We do everything in English. We remove the hassle of having to deal in multiple languages when in the Mediterranean.
  • Experienced support team (Quote from Vodafone ‘Your staff know more about these services than ours do!’).
  • We provide unlimited high speed Internet throughout the Spain, France, Italy and Croatia.
  • We have designed our own "roaming warning system", to save you money.
  • One stop shop for billing, installation, equipment, support. MEC also provide all these services for VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium and wi-fi.
  • Expert technical backup from MEC IT and Communications technicians.
  • Local support from the MEC or trough Partner Network.
  • All our communication solutions can be fully integrated with other networks and other products such as satellite and wi-fi.
  • Advice and supply of phones, modems, routers, gateways, PDA, Blackberry & Apple to suit your needs.
  • Future proof, reliable, mobile technology.




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