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MEC is the best source of information about satellite TV for maritime users worldwide. From the planning stage to specifying TV services, receivers, antennas, on board distribution, installation, contracts and remote support MEC has the know-how.



When cruising the oceans of the world we can provide expert advice as to what you will be able to watch and where either using conventional satellite TV services or by watching TV services over the Internet (IPTV) using broadband services such as 3G, HSDPA and VSAT.

Getting the TV right onboard has gone from being an interesting novelty a few years ago to being an essential part of any guest or owner charter. Just ask any captain who has got it wrong!

We now count our customers in the thousands and add to our numbers every year because vessel captains, antenna dealers, management companies, and yacht service companies all realise that a quality TV experience is a fundamental on board entertainment feature.








Our Sat TV management services provide:

  • Guidance as to what you can watch where.  We can recommend the best service for your cruising area so you don’t end up buying a package you can’t actually watch.
  • Guidance as to the limit of your cruising grounds to make sure essential TV coverage is always available for essential viewing of an owner or charter guest. eg specific soccer matches or Formula 1 events.
  • Access to Pay to View services for a particular event.
  • Should there be no Satellite TV services available in a specific area we can arrange for ANY programming from ANYWHERE in the world to be transmitted via broadband, should the broadband connection be available. In most cases we can also arrange this.
  • You can call a dedicated support team with many years experience in maritime TV troubleshooting. They can solve contract problems and offer expert technical advice from the decoder to the stabilised antenna.
  • We provide support on ALL the components of your TV system - whenever and wherever you need it.


Where other companies only offer a part of the service, MEC customers can count on the full package.

This includes:

  • Pre-sales consultancy to advise on options.
  • Choice of DVB broadcast via satellite and IPTV
  • Choice of pay TV and Free to Air options.
  • Selection of original language services in English, Italian, Greek, Russian, Arabic, German and others on request.
  • Selection of regional coverage service to make sure your TV footprint matches your itinerary.
  • Advice on packages for single antenna and dual antenna systems.
  • Full service details including channel packages, options, contract upgrades and downgrades to keep costs to a minimum and performance at maximum.
  • End to End fault finding service.
  • Front line service along the Croatian coast and via the MEC Partner network worldwide.
  • Classroom training and video tutorials for first line support of TV systems.
  • Remote support of IP based systems.
  • Integration with MEC communications products, media servers and on board networks.
  • Single point of billing.

Depending on the requirement, we have supplied Russian, Italian, Arabic, Greek, German, Dutch and French TV in the last year from well known satellite provides such as Sky UK, Sky Italy, Nova, RTVi, DirecTV and many others.

If there is a TV service available where you want to cruise, we will get it for you.

We also gain an enormous amount of knowledge on what works, where it works and what are the local tricks and tips from our huge client base as well as our technicians field service and telephone support call reports.

Marine Stabilised TV Antennas - MEC supply leading products from Cobham SatCom - Sea Tel, Cobham SatCom - Sailor, Intellian, KNS and EPAK  and provides installation, service, support, warranty work, fault finding which are all taken care of in our house.

Know-How - You cannot know everything but you can shorten the odds. Whether it is a question about a particular service, coverage area, antenna tuning, contract terms, receivers, on board distribution, or power, MEC is more likely to have the answer.

Whatever the TV requirement, MEC will provide advanced satellite TV solution including IPTV.

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