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The Jetstream - IPTV

The Jetstream® is the first full service media hosting solution designed specifically for the superyacht industry. Our innovative platform delivers live access to the TV services of your choice – from anywhere in the world, be it land, sea or air.






How does The Jetstream work?

The Jetstream is the first private, full service interactive media delivery platform.

You can use it to access your TV channel of your choice anywhere in the world.

The Jetstream technology runs through a super video highway that enables customers to view their favourite television channels around the world – regardless of where you may live or travel. With a laptop, your personal login details and a reasonable quality broadband connection your media is at your finger-tips with full functionality of any TV package you subscribe to.

Watch your home TV anywhere in the world!

MEC is an JETSTREAM supplier so we can make this available on your yacht, in your ski chalet, on safari or anywhere using our premium VSAT broadband and 3G & HSPA services.

We offer M-VSAT services that will support The JETSTREAM so you can watch your TV with no nasty surprises in the most off-the beaten track locations. If you are using MEC M-VSAT services we can offer attractive bandwidth upgrades when you want to use The JETSTREAM.

In order to fully appreciate the Jetstream service compared to other IPTV products you need to see a live demonstration. This can be arranged remotely at any time by your regular MEC contact or contact us to arrange it.


Short Term Jetstream Contracts

As of November 2010 we can now offer short term Jetstream Contracts of 2 weeks or a month, which are ideal for charters. We also offer a combined Jetstream 2 week Contract and our Yacht Charter Support Contract.

When you see the demonstration it will delight you and now you will need to know how to make it happen on your yacht. MEC was the natural choice for Jetstream as without a quality communications partner, it simply doesn’t work. And that is where MEC comes in.

What type of communications do you need? – A high speed data connection with a minimum dedicated bandwidth of 256Kbps per second per The Jetstream service. On board a yacht, the options are:

M-VSAT – The first choice of most yachts requiring dedicated bandwidth with near worldwide coverage. Beware of VSAT operators who say they can offer this quality – very few actually can!

3G/4G – In certain areas the 3G network will support speeds of up to 1Mbps. The next generation of data services offered by the mobile phone operators will offer download speeds up to 100Mbps. MEC is at the forefront of this development.

• WIMAX – Many ports and marinas are now deploying WIMAX technology with download speeds up to 2Mbps. There is competition between communications operators to provide better, faster wireless networks. This will improve the options for services such as The Jetstream.

What hardware do I need? – With a Jetstream login and password, you could watch the TV of your choice anywhere in the world on your laptop. But on your yacht, you expect to be able to link this through the vessel entertainment system. MEC will guide you through the audit procedure necessary to bring your current systems up to date, checking all of the following:

• Satellite Broadband Antenna and Quality of Service
• 3G/4G, WIMAX router
• Network Bandwidth Management
• IP infrastructure
• NEW JetSet box now available

JetSet box


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