Broadband at Sea - VSAT

4010 / 5010

The XX10 is in the long line of how-did-we-ever-live-without-this technology products from Sea Tel. It is designed for maritime applications and is expected to be available in 1m and 1.2m antennas. The XX10 platfom antenna will be offered with several customizable options. The Co Pol option, for instance, allows the customers global Ku coverage on co pol and cross pol services.

The XX10 platform antenna is also offered with extremely low loss waveguide in the transmit signal path option to operate with co pol services. The 5010 is optimized to increase customer ROI. When used in a 1m network, customers can have almost 40% more bandwidth and sail further out on the fringes of the foot print.

By upgrading the network to 1.2m, service providers can increase profit even further by adding about 40% more customers for the same space segment cost.

Product Benefits:
- Optimized to increase ROI for service providers.
- Generate higher ROI by replacing 4009 with 5010 antenna.
- Expand the foot print even further out.
- Sturdy construction outperforms competition.
- Enables regional or global communications with any service.
- Industry leading Stabilization Accuracy connected to the Always-On Network.
- Faster response to ship’s motion.
- Very low loss waveguide rotary joint assembly ensures highest signal integrity.
- Reduces cost of support with latest remote software. Product Features:
- 5010 has higher RF performance than 4009.
- Designed to meet EN 60945, MIL STD 461, MIL STD 167-1, and IEC 60950 specifications.
- Available in Co Pol or X-Pol configuration.
- Lighter weight and easier to install.
- Stabilized to isolate the antenna from the ship’s motion.
- New software features and electronics integrates with Uplogix for automated response management.
- Available in C (coaxial) and W (waveguide) versions.
- 4010 is available in 50” and 60” radome.
- 5010 is available in 66” radome

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