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TSC-10A Touch Screen Controller (Obsolete model)

We will continue to provide TSC 10A service within our abilities and will honor current warranty periods.


The Sea Tel TSC-10A Touch Screen Controller provides a user friendly graphic interface which is used to remotely monitor and control a Sea Tel Stabilized Antenna and its Digital Antenna Control Unit. It works with any Sea Tel TVRO or Tx/Rx antenna that uses a DAC-2202 Antenna Control Unit.

Five preset satellite configurations are available on the home screen. To change satellites, simply touch the desired satellite button with your finger and then touch the ENTER button. The antenna will move to the desired satellite within seconds.

The TSC-10A allows the user to change satellites, perform pedestal diagnostics and troubleshoot common problems, all at the touch of a finger.

It features a 10.4 inch display, 600MHz Intel Celeron processor, and 1 GB memory.

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