Broadband at Sea - VSAT


The Uplogix 430 provides persistent connectivity to managed devices through both in-band and out-of-band channels—monitoring devices locally, performing maintenance or recovery tasks as needed, and constantly enforcing security policies regardless of the state of the network.

Unparalleled management control is possible by interfacing directly through the console port of the devices it manages. This connection enables always-on, localized, round-theclock management for your IT infrastructure. With integrated functionality for access, control and enforcement, the Uplogix 430 can automate as much as 70% of routine network maintenance functions and autonomously address the majority of issues that cause networkrelated outages. Problems that today might require IT staff on-site physically to resolve are detected by the Uplogix 430 in seconds, and fixed in minutes.

The intelligence powering the Uplogix 430 is the Remote Management Operating System (RMOS), which is available in both Advanced and Standard versions. With Advanced RMOS, the Uplogix 430 adds the ability to perform service level verification (SLV). SLV uses synthetic transactions to locally monitor, measure and manage the performance of critical network services and applications from the end-user’s perspective including TCP/IP communications, web-based transactions and voice over IP telephony.

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