Broadband at Sea - VSAT


Sea Tel 5012 VSAT is a 1.2m 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system featuring advanced technology and IMA electronics for high performance. Sea Tel 5012 VSAT is a fully optimised antenna system designed to meet the demanding maritime communication needs of the 21st century.

IMA electronics and innovative design combine to ensure it improves on the performance of Sea Tel's industry leading 5009 marine stabilized antenna system, on which it is based. The state-of-the-art Sea Tel 5012 VSAT comes in a frequency tuned 1.68m (66") radome. It features the best and most efficient pointing accuracy in the maritime market, which ensures your ability to reliably use high throughput email, web browsing, data transfer, VPN, videoconferencing and technical IP applications.

Sea Tel 5012 Ku is suitable for providing highly-reliable connectivity and voice communication on a diverse range of vessels, from ships and OSVs, to oil rigs and Naval vessels.With a fully IP based 'plug and play' architecture Sea Tel 5012 VSAT is easy to install and operate. It has an extended web based secured user interface, built-in remote management capabilities and offers integration into network management systems through its Media Xchange Point (DAC-2202). Because Sea Tel 5012 VSAT can be controlled via the Internet from most Internet enabled devices, it also provides a strong sense of connectivity with the company's headquarters on shore, thus amplifying VSAT's natural aptitude for uniting and strengthening any maritime enterprise.

Cobham SATCOM antennas are designed and built to exacting standards. They develop and integrate innovative, cutting-edge technology to ensure high performance and reliability in the maritime arena, resulting in hardware that service providers and end-users can trust. Standard features of the Sea Tel 5012 VSAT include 3-axis stabilization, which isolates the antenna from the ship's motion no matter how extreme the weather  and rough the seas, whilst the integrated control unit (ICU) offers single box integrated electronic control to maintain the best and most efficient pointing accuracy available.

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