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ST 24

Cobham SATCOM is pleased to announce its new Sea Tel ST24 marine stabilized TV receive-only system for the yacht and boating market. With a greater elevation range than most standard 2-axis marine stabilized antennas, the ST24 enables watching TV at higher latitudes, and the one-touch screen graphical antenna control panel (GACP) is easy to work with.

“The ST24 is designed for ease of use and simple installation. The key guiding principles we followed were to truly revolutionize the yacht owner’s experience with the Sea Tel Antenna Controller,” said John DeSana, vice president of Cobham SATCOM. “Simple, icondriven, single-touch settings that enable the antenna to rapidly acquire satellite signal even at higher latitudes is what our dealers asked us for, and that is what we are launching today.”

The ST24 is a 61 cm (24 in) antenna that is HD ready for Ku-Band digital broadcasting systems. It eliminates the need for complex system interconnect cables required to install and operate other systems on the market. Other features include both manual and automatic skew control. The automatic skew control allows the antenna to operate at optimal skew angle to receive a satellite signal at maximum strength. The high performance stabilization and satellite tracking eliminate the need for expensive upgrades when mounted on a tuna tower, providing significant cost savings over competitive products.

ST24 features:

  • Graphic Antenna Control Panel (GACP) – Simple one touch control.
  • Extended Elevation Range – View satellites from higher latitudes (e.g. Scandinavia, Alaska).
  • High Torque Drive Motors – Tuna Tower ready, no expensive upgrade required.
  • Fast Acquisition Time – Satellite acquisition time is less than 2 minutes from a cold start.
  • Drive Belt Idlers – Ensures proper tensioning, and reduces wear and stretch of the belts.
  • Simple System Interconnect – All ADE to BDE system interconnects are via coaxial cables. No need for multi conductor control cables. Makes existing system replacement simple.

Graphic Antenna Control Panel Features:

  • 4.3 inch Touch Screen Display
  • 8 satellite presets
  • Expandable Satellite Library
  • Built-in diagnostics for the ADE and BDE
  • Manual control for AZ, EL, & Pol
  • Setup Wizard
  • Easy to setup and operate

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