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Sea Tel, world leader in stabilized marine antenna systems, introduces the first 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system that is compatible with DIRECTV’s Ka-Band satellites. The Model DTV04 HD is also the only marine stabilized antenna system that can deliver 3 Ku-Band satellites (101W, 110W, and 119W) and 2 Ka-Band satellites (99W and 103W) with one antenna system. There is no need to have a second antenna system for Ka-Band reception.

The DTV04 HD features high performance stabilization and satellite tracking using a 3-axis closed loop stabilization system, providing quality performance in the roughest seas. The Model DTV04 HD has a compact, attractive all-white radome, DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) signal identification, and Sea Tel’s proprietary antenna control with fast-track signal lock software.

The DTV04 HD antenna is ready for DIRECTV 5-satellite reception and compatible with DIRECTV service in the United States only. Over 130 channels in HD and 65 XM Satellite radio channels are available.

The Sea Tel Model DTV04 HD as well as all Sea Tel DBS TV-at-Sea systems accommodates any number of satellite receivers. Many TV sets may be installed onboard, each receiving its own programming from its satellite receiver. Unmatched stabilization accuracy allows the system to detect the slightest motion that may affect the antenna’s connection and correct as needed.

To receive all 5 satellites simultaneously the antenna and feed assembly are required to be skewed to a specific angle for your operating area. The DTV04 HD features an Auto Skew function that adjusts the skew angle automatically, which enables the system to move seamlessly from region to region without having to manually adjust the skew angle on the antenna and feed assembly.

The design of the DTV04 HD Antenna System offers more value than any other system on the market as the need for an additional Ka-Band antenna has been eliminated. Another value added feature that this system gives you is the ability to watch any authorized DIRECTV® channel at any time on any satellite receiver eliminating the need for a master receiver. This is the first and only system in the marine market that has this capability.

The DTV04 HD Antenna System is compatible with DIRECTV® service in the United States only and requires an H20 or H21 receiver to receive High Definition programming from the Ka-Band satellites.

The DTV04 HD comes in a 50 inch Radome assembly and is the perfect solution for oil rigs and vessels 100 feet and above that can’t live without their DIRECTV® High Definition programming.

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