M-VSAT makes buying a Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) solution simple, fast and easy to understand. The antenna, below-deck equipment, service, Apps (Applications), installation, training and support are all delivered as one package.



We'll provide you with the ultimate end-to-end solution, which is guaranteed to work, fit your vessel and meet your requirements. Simply tell us what you want to do and we'll provide a complete package, including training and support.

Full VSAT package from a single, expert source!

All it takes is one phone call: everything is provided from a single source, whether for a yacht or a commercial vessel, from email and internet to IPTV and VPNs.

Available from MEC and our Partners, M-VSAT is based on our extensive experience. It removes the need to approach individual VSAT service providers or dealers and compare offers, a time-consuming, confusing and unreliable method.







M-VSAT Application Options

Choose what you want to do on the yacht from the options below:

Any of the following Applications can be used with your VSAT solution:

  • Welfare services for the owner, guests or crew
  • Fast and reliable email, Internet and social networking services
  • Voice services via VoIP with home country telephone numbers
  • Use of own GSM cell phone
  • Watch home TV
  • Print home newspapers
  • Provide enhanced medical support
  • Increase comfort by improving security


Business services for the owners, managers or guests

  • VPN connection to the owners' and / or managers' office
  • Video conferencing
  • Live financial video/TV feeds
  • Current financial newspaper printing before it hits the news stands


Vessel management, safety and security services

  • Automatic chart updates and navigation warnings
  • Communication cost control and management for data and voice
  • Ship security alarm now with live video from the ship to shore security office
  • Weather services and weather routing
  • Passage planning
  • Telemetry integration and preventative maintenance


Or your bespoke Applications?

M-VSAT uses the best of breed products and services as chosen and supported by MEC as one of the most experienced regional VSAT solution providers.

A selection of our chosen best of breed Partners are:
Jetstream, NewspapersDirect, Da Gama, Chartco, Transas, Passage Weather, Met Manager, Ocean Medical International, Modern Security Solutions.

Our M-VSAT recommendations will use the following antennas that best best suit our customer requirements:


We have been working with VSAT satellite communication systems for many years and have risen to become a preferred regional dealer over years as we supply, install, commission and support leading both TV and VSAT antennas, worldwide.

At MEC we have trained SatCom engineers which can install, commission and support complete range of Sea Tel -  Cobham SatCom, Sailor - Cobham SatCom, Intellian, KNS and EPAK antennas. Our service office holds a stock of spares and test equipment. Apart from our own capability all leading SatCom manufacturers in our portfolio also boast a worldwide network of authorized dealers and services.

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