New maritime satellite TV Systems available from Sea Tel!

Sea Tel has launched their new range of maritime satellite TV systems at SMM, which will be available from MEC mid-October onwards.

Developed from the ground up, the new generation of Sea Tel Satellite TV is designed to provide reliable, high quality entertainment for crew and passengers globally. The Sea Tel 80 TV, Sea Tel 100 TV and Sea Tel 120 TV are advanced 3-axis Ku-band antennas all featuring an innovative programmable worldwide LNB and multi polarization, making them truly global. New electronics based on the tried and tested IMA (Integrated Marine Electronics) platform ensure straightforward installation, setup and daily operation.

For vessels operating in US waters, Cobham SATCOM offers the Sea Tel 100 TVHD and Sea Tel 120 TVHD. These 3-axis Ku/Ka dual band antennas which are capable of receiving Ku- and Ka-band signals from three satellites simultaneously, giving full access to DIRECTV HD programming in the US.

“These new antennas have been developed from scratch in our Concord facility, drawing on many years of experience from Sea Tel and SAILOR VSAT and Satellite TV antenna development,” comments Mads Ebbesen, Product Line Manager, TV Solutions, Cobham SATCOM. “With global reception including HD also in the US, unmatched RF performance, easy installation and maintenance, and simple operation, the new generation of Sea Tel Satellite TV provide the platform for shipowners and operators to deliver the best television experience on board.”

All new Sea Tel Satellite TV antennas are designed, built and tested for reliable operation in the harsh maritime environment to provide high quality entertainment for crew and passengers globally.

Contact MEC Sales here for further information on prices and availability as limited stock is available for delivery in 2014.


Maritime Satcom and Entertainment Solutions

MEC offer only the best of advanced satellite communications (SATCOM & Broadband @ Sea), satellite television (TV @ Sea) and A/V entertainment solutions for commercial vessels and luxury yachts of all sizes.

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Marine Electronics Croatia

Marine Electronics Croatia (Brodska Elektronika d.o.o.) has been in operation since 1995. and specialises in advanced satellite communication and A/V entertainment solutions for the superyachts and commercial vessels.

Our commitment to providing the highest level of service begins from the initial inquiry through to system design, integration and dedicated after-sales support. With most varieties of marine stabilized antennas, RF and A/V equipment in our portfolio we can supply just the satellite router or a complete solution to build an entire marine VSAT & TV systems for most demanding broadband connectivity and A/V entertainment at sea.

We implement creative ideas with latest technologies and whether a luxury superyacht, an ocean going ship or cruise liner, MEC always strives to offer a complete turnkey solution that meets expectations and keeps costs within budget.

MEC delivers global satellite communications solutions via L, C, Ku, and Ka-band High Throughput Satellites (HTS) which allow significantly improved efficiencies, and delivers required services at the lowest costs.  

MEC works with the most interoperable networks and are backward compatible with traditional satellite networks to meet voice, video, and data requirements. It includes Automatic Beam Switching (ABS) for seamless global transition between satellites, which provide uninterrupted connectivity and content delivery.  

With vessels operating in coastal regions or located in port, MEC provides bandwidth management solutions for switching from satellite to terrestrial broadband network such as 4G LTE, 3G or WiFi HotSpot's, allowing vessels to switch from VSAT, Inmarsat or Iridium to more cost-effective terrestrial broadband services, having no impact on applications or user activity.

Our support team is perfect blend of experienced and talented field engineers available to provide on site services support and to assist with any support issues you may experience throughout the lifespan of your equipment. Via our mobile support team MEC is able to provide seamless onboard service support in all major cruising destinations and shipping routes throughout the Mediterranean region. For customers in Americas region MEC can arrange the delivery, installation & field service support trough partner Advanced Maritime Technologies, located in Florida, USA. Through our service partner network MEC can arrange also services support worldwide wherever vessel currently operating.

Whatever your business, MEC always delivers a reliable solution for your SATCOM and A/V entertainment needs at sea delivering globally the premium VSAT high speed data with value added services, voice, weather, TV and music anywhere you GO!

MEC is an associated member of National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) and specialises in advanced satellite communication (SATCOM), Broadband at Sea, TV at Sea and AV entertainment solutions for the the luxury superyachts, commercial vessels, cruise ships, work boats, oli rigs & military. (VSAT, TVRO, Inmarsat, Iridium, 3G, 4G LTE, WiMax, WiFi, VPN, VoIP, IPTV, Video Conferencing, Interactive gaming, Telemedicine...).

What We Offer

  • High-Performance Satellite Antenna Systems (VSAT & TVRO)
  • Satellite TV / IPTV / Advanced A/V Entertainment Systems
  • Digital CATV & RF Distribution (TV and Radio Distribution)
  • Premium VSAT Services Tailored to Client Requirements
  • Terrestrial Broadband Services over 4G LTE / 3G / Wi-Fi
  • Installation & Support of Diverse SatCom Equipment
  • Onboard Bandwidth Bonding & Optimizing Devices
  • Consultation & Surveys for New Builds & Refits
  • Remote Management of IT Infrastructure
  • Inmarsat GX & Fleet Broadband Services
  • Dedicated After-Sales Support
  • Crew Education and Training

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